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The Allens at Pixar

January 31st, 2014 in ACAMUG,General

the Allens at Pixar For everyone wondering what ex-ACAMUGer Collin Allen is up to, here he is posing with his Mom and son at his new place of employment: Pixar! It’s great to see how well he’s done for himself in his work and his life.

Pixar is definitely the right place for someone of Collin’s imagination, drive and curiosity.

Article originally published by The Current and spotted by Claire.

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Springtime for Quicken

December 23rd, 2011 in General

When Apple announced that they were removing PowerPC emulation support (a.k.a. Rosetta) from Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” most of us were forced to finally go through all of our essential apps and update them from the five year old versions that “still works fine” to something at least released since Apple started shipping Macs with Intel processors. For the most part this was tedious and occasionally expensive.

Except in one common case when it was impossible: Quicken™, which hadn’t seen a major update since the days when G5 processors ruled the Mac roost. Thus were Quicken users force to decide between delaying the “Lion” upgrade, switching to Quicken Essentials or finding a replacement.

Well it seems someone at Intuit has realized it’s time to fix that.

Quoting Aaron Forth, General Manager of the Personal Finance Group at Intuit:

As you may know, Quicken for Mac 2007 does not currently work on Apple’s latest operating system, Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). I understand the frustration this may have caused you and have put a team in place to address this issue. I am happy to announce that we will have a solution that makes Quicken 2007 for Mac “Lion-compatible” by early spring.

Since they’re still talking about Quicken for Mac 2007 rather than calling it Quicken for Mac 2012 it may be that they are rolling their own or licensing someone else’s PowerPC emulation software rather than actually converting the existing Quicken code base to run on Intel Macs. In either case you will be able to run Quicken on the latest Apple OS and Mac hardware.

So you’ve still got a bit of a wait but hopefully a “Lion” compatible version of Quicken will be poking out it’s head along with the next batch of spring flowers.

The Humble Indie Bundle 3

July 26th, 2011 in General

You don’t have to have an iPhone or iPad to get your gaming on! The Humble Indie Bundle 3 features a very nice set of five cross-platform (Mac, Windows or Linux) games available as one pay-what-you-want bundle: Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, VVVVVV, Hammerfight & And Yet It Moves. These are good-quality, well-received titles including puzzlers and platformers so there should be something here for everyone to enjoy. They are available as DRM-free direct downloads or via Steam.

As I said above, it’s pay what you want; but don’t be stingy as these are great games and you can choose any portion of your sale to go to several worthy charities.

There is a video with sample gameplay at the site so head over there NOW and check it out. Even if you aren’t a gamer yourself they’re worth having on your Mac to keep the kiddies and grandkiddies entertained for hours.

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Valve Games Coming to the Mac?

March 3rd, 2010 in General

Valve, makers of wildly popular games as Half Life, Team Fortress, Portal and Left 4 Dead, seems to be poised to announce the availability of at least these titles on the Mac via their Steam service. At least it’s hard to come to any other conclusion given the broad hints they’ve been dropping at various Mac and gaming web sites:

This is great news for both Mac gamers and game developers as Steam provides a standard platform for secure distribution of software without physical media.

[2010-March-08 Update]

It’s official, Valve’s Steam game engine powered games will be coming to the Mac in April!

And if you buy a game on one platform, Mac or PC, you can play it on the other for FREE.

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February, 2010 ACAMUG Board Report: The Year Ahead

February 28th, 2010 in General

Dear ACAMUGers,

Our Board of Directors met Friday, February 19 and had a good discussion and made what I think is an exciting plan for presentations this coming year which we think meet many of the needs of the members who responded to our survey about what they would like to see and hear during the year ahead. We also “ad-libbed” a bit and planned some other treats as well which I’ll mention below. First of all, in response to the needs of some who requested this, we plan on a new feature each meeting called Mac 101 which will be conducted by our new Educational Specialist, Judy who will conduct a brief, usually less than 5 minute presentation of some basic technique, useful tip in using the Macintosh Operating System. Judy will also be available to help “coach” new members or new presenters get ready to do live demos of something they like or are interested in showing us at a meeting. Another new feature, something already in place, thanks to Dave, our Web Master, is a Follow ACAMUG on Twitter Link which enables ACAMUG members to follow new posts and comments on our web site on their Macs, iPhones or other Twitter compatible devices which means we can easily communicate via “push” technology in between meetings, during meetings or whatever – just think of the “help me” messages we can send to anyone listening. I have asked Dave to give us a brief introduction to this new feature at our next meeting. In addition, I would like to create a third new feature for our meetings, called Robot Clinic and will work with Kyle, a new Board Member to develop the concept and utilize it at our meetings. It will basically invite members to bring in a question like, “How do I do this with my Mac.” And we’l try to show the solution on a “live” Mac and record it for you so you can take it home and play it back. Kind of like a Robot would do for you. And Steve tells us that we might even find a “canned” solution on “You Tube” to show you but the point is you’ll be able to take the solution home with you without having to try to not forget it before you get home. We also will put to work Steve’s considerable “talents” in Internet Surfing for Bargains and other High Value items and he’ll be the Acquisitions Agent for us to make sure we have relevant, great and interesting raffle items each month. So Steve, what’s up this coming month? Maybe you and Bill will recommend something like MobileMe or its alternative software and raffle one of those items. I wonder what you will pick?  Stu will be researching some local “parks” and “picnic” areas for our Annual Wireless Picnic in July. And I suspect that if we don’t have a volunteer come forward for the Annual Holiday Party in December we may ask Stu to scout out some nearby restaurants. If you have any suggestions please let him know.

As you know, in January, Bill covered my Absentia Agenda and featured a provocative demonstration by Gerre on Organizational Strategies using the Mac Operating System. I heard all about it all the way in Italy where I was on vacation and the consensus of many was that it was an interesting and very engaging discussion.

In February we covered the Steve Jobs announcement of the new computing device called the ‘iPad” and I presented several views of the iPad, the Apple View, the Critics View and the Comedians View. Lastly we held court on the views of the ACAMUG members and if I am not mistaken most present were planning on being the first to own one so I concluded our members have a generally positive view about the new device.

Next month, in March, Bill and Steve will team up to present a topic called Mobile Me Alternatives and demonstrate alternative strategies and software to do what Apple offers with their $99 annual membership and I think they will show us how it can save us most, if not all of the $99 – so you can put the savings toward the new iPad if you wish. Thanks guys.

In April, Judy will report on a recent educational conference she attended on Assistive Technology and demonstrate some of the many features built into the Mac Operating System which will be of use and interest to the disabled population and many of us too – so if you find yourself reaching for a magnifying glass to view your computer screen – don’t miss this meeting.

If we are lucky enough in May, I hope to recruit Carolyn, Dave, myself and anyone else who wishes to show off their new hardware called the “iPad” in an actual, honest to goodness, real time, “hands on” demonstration of our new iPads with our own biased views of whether we like the device, and how we find ourselves using it. It should be interesting.

The month of June heralds the first days of summer and what better topic than to learn to use Slingbox (sounds like Slingshot to me and reminds me of summer) which will be presented by a first time ACAMUG presenter, Linda who will teach us about how to “Watch Our TV Anywhere.”

In August, we have a promise from Kyle, who is intent on upgrading to the rumored, next 4G Version of Apple’s iPhone to give us another hands on demonstration and review of the new device. Its supposed to be a major upgrade to advance Apple ahead of the recent new competition from Google’s Android software powered devices – so let’s hope it comes out as this should be really interesting.

September will be the month of another first time presentation for Stu, who will hopefully have figured out for his many business and association interests how to use the Mac for a Virtual Meeting through Video Conferencing with the goal of not one, not two, not three individuals in conference but a whopping sixteen so let’s hope he is successful- it could serve us well in future of our meetings as attendance from home or wherever will be possible when we can’t be physically on campus.

Dave Marra, of Apple, Inc. will return for a special presentation, in October, to our membership – and hopefully the broader community – of   The New Stuff from Apple and provide us an insider’s view of how to use all these new devices. He usually brings with him a “stable” full of technology and is interesting and even captivating with his rapid fire, thoroughly detailed grasp of all things Apple.

Just in time for the upcoming holiday season, in November, Bill will demonstrate The Home Theatre Mac and based on the preview he gave us last week this should be a very compelling presentation for all those who like TV and TV programming but like it on their own terms. Not only TV by the way, its a whole new way of seeing things your Mac through the screen and speakers of your home theatre system. Come see what I mean.

We also planned ahead for the next year, January 2011, when Stu becomes the next ACAMUG President and will show us how he uses his Mac to create interesting and useful web sites in Basic Web Design – this is for the “rest of us” Nothing complicated, but easy to do, nice to look at and compelling web site creation.

So this rounds out the full year. We hope you like our plans. We thank those of your who suggested many of these topics and those of you who offered to present them. There were some offers still on the table, and I hope to find a way to incorporate them in brief moments during some meetings and/or as replacements in case something we planned for does not come to be. You know the saying, “The best laid plans. . .”

Well anyway, I think we are off to a good start. We on the ACAMUG Board sure hope you agree.

As they say in Italy,

Dennis, il presidente