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Our New Meeting Location

January 30th, 2018 in ACAMUG

Members please note: As of October 2017 our meetings will no longer be held at the Belhaven school. Our new meeting location will be in the Media Center of the Otto Bruyns Public Library of Northfield, 241 W Mill Rd, Northfield, NJ 08225.

So please change your Contacts entry accordingly. Also note that there are two entrances to the library and to gain entrance you should use the rear entrance facing the parking lot. The main entrance will be locked as the library is closed to the public at 5:00 pm on Friday evenings. Our meetings will be in the Media Center at 7:00 pm, and is off the main library and we hope to post a “sentry” out there near the rear entrance so no one gets lost.

Holiday Party will be at Joseph’s Restaurant!

October 23rd, 2014 in ACAMUG

The members have spoken! The location for our December holiday party/dinner will be Joseph’s Restaurant at Renault’s winery in Egg Harbor City. RSVP by December 1st. Details and RSVP info can be found on the December meeting post:

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Show Us Your Rig at the July Picnic!

June 13th, 2014 in ACAMUG

As part of the july Wi-Fi picnic festivities we’d like to a little guessing game, but we need your help. Here’s the scoop from Dennis:

rig This is how to play “Show Us Your Rig.”:

  • Take out your iPhone camera;
  • Aim it at your Mac-Apple device set up;
  • Make sure you have enough light;
  • Snap the best, most impressive view you can; Make sure your name does not appear in the photo; Attach it to your email as an “attachment”;
  • Send it to Dennis at ””; Also welcome are photos of your desktop’s dock;

Also welcome are photos of your desktop’s dock; In which case you are playing “Flash Your Dock” The individual who guesses the most Rigs and Docks wins . . . ???

Here are some samples of Rigs and Docks:

Before taking your picture PLEASE make sure you’ve removed little sticky notes that have, say, your bank login or other such info that’s not appropriate for public exposure.

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The Allens at Pixar

January 31st, 2014 in ACAMUG,General

the Allens at Pixar For everyone wondering what ex-ACAMUGer Collin Allen is up to, here he is posing with his Mom and son at his new place of employment: Pixar! It’s great to see how well he’s done for himself in his work and his life.

Pixar is definitely the right place for someone of Collin’s imagination, drive and curiosity.

Article originally published by The Current and spotted by Claire.

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Holiday Party Pictures

December 10th, 2012 in ACAMUG

Just uploaded some pictures from the 2012 Holiday party. You’ll find them here:

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