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April '17 Meeting: iPhone and iPad Advanced Basics

iPhone and iPad Advanced Basics
Friday, April 14th, 2017 @ 7:00pm
Apple Store Staff
The Apple Store at the Pier in Atlantic City

NOTE: Due to a scheduling conflict at Belhaven the April meeting will take place at the Apple Store at The Pier in Atlantic City. Topic is tentatively scheduled to be:

iPhone and iPad Advanced Basics

Your iPhone and iPad can do so many incredible things. Join us to discover favorite tips and quick tricks for iPhone and iPad. We’ll show you smart—and some fun—ways to use Siri. We’ll help you get organized and customize settings that work for you. Make your work day and everyday even better by getting the most from your iPhone and iPad.

More details to follow.

Presentation topics may change so be sure to verify on the day of the meeting. Got questions you’d like to have answered? Feel free to post them as comments before the meeting so the presenters have a chance to prepare.

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