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Show Us Your Rig at the July Picnic!

June 13th, 2014 in ACAMUG

As part of the july Wi-Fi picnic festivities we’d like to a little guessing game, but we need your help. Here’s the scoop from Dennis:

rig This is how to play “Show Us Your Rig.”:

  • Take out your iPhone camera;
  • Aim it at your Mac-Apple device set up;
  • Make sure you have enough light;
  • Snap the best, most impressive view you can; Make sure your name does not appear in the photo; Attach it to your email as an “attachment”;
  • Send it to Dennis at ””; Also welcome are photos of your desktop’s dock;

Also welcome are photos of your desktop’s dock; In which case you are playing “Flash Your Dock” The individual who guesses the most Rigs and Docks wins . . . ???

Here are some samples of Rigs and Docks:

Before taking your picture PLEASE make sure you’ve removed little sticky notes that have, say, your bank login or other such info that’s not appropriate for public exposure.

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