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Latest Scam Email: Fake FaceTime Notice!

February 19th, 2013 in Apple,Security

OK, just got a new bogus email titled “Your Apple ID was used to sign in to FaceTime, iCloud, and iMessage on an iPhone 5”. On the surface it looks legit and is a pretty good copy of Apple’s standard “your account has been used to ” notification email. I was ->this<- close to actually clicking the link, except the email address given is not one I’ve ever used for an Apple ID. Doesn’t mean it couldn’t be legit, some low-life scum might conceivably have managed to set to an Apple ID using my email address. But it made me suspicious.

So I took my own advice and right mouse clicked on the Learn More link, chose Copy Link, then pasted it into an empty TextEdit document. And instead of a reasonable domain ending with I instead saw where was some dentist’s web site that (a) appears not to have been updated in a few years and (2) has apparently been hijacked by some bozo. It turns out the link takes you to some Russian “cheap drugs” web site but it could also have been a bone fide attempt to grab my Apple ID and password.

IF YOU RECEIVE A MESSAGE STATING THAT YOUR APPLE ID ACCOUNT HAS BEEN USED DOUBLE CHECK THAT IT IS INDEED FROM APPLE BEFORE CLICKING ANYTHING IN IT or going through the trouble of changing your Apple ID password which it also suggests as Apple’s legitimate notice does (you can change it anyway but the fake email is not in itself an indication your account has been hacked, just that someone knows your email address.)

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